Been there, done and got the t-shirt now also got the video. Here is where you will find videos either created by me of have me starring in them.

The famous horsey horsey sketch.

In the recovery room at Shirley Oaks hospital after an upper GI endoscopy and being used for everyones comedic entertainment

I wanted to get back into my scuba diving and was treated to a sea world experience I will never forget (thanks Wayne for that, I loved it). A chance to be in with the regular fish and also a new shark tank enclosure.

A year in the life of Jezz.

Something set me off and then I could not stop laughing, for want of trying.

Driving my very first convertible car.

Firstly unbeknown to me, caught in the act of jogging on the spot.

My 41st Birthday firework display.

A little funny that Wayne and I put together one weekday night. Totally on the fly editing with the iPhone, filmed with the 8mm app and then music overlay and text added with iMovie for the iPhone.