Light Trick

Have you ever noticed how a person’s ears sometimes glow in portraits when they are backlit?
Because ears are more transparent than the rest of our bodies, they tend to catch and diffuse any light that is shining through them, kinda like the way a softbox works. To that end, you can imagine how silly it would look if the subject of a portrait had two tiny, glowing softboxes on each side of their head. You can see why glowing ears just aren’t that desirable in portraits. If you’ve ever spent time in Photoshop trying to fix it, you will be grateful for this little tip.


The little hack is not technically done “in camera”, but it is definitely along those lines and is an excellent tool to know about.
If you have a roll of gaffers tape laying around, you will not need to purchase any new equipment. Simply grab a little piece of the tape and stick it behind the subject’s ears before you start shooting.


It will block out light from shining through and save you some aggravation during post production. Just be careful so you do not press it on to hard or get their hair in it for obvious reasons.
It seems like black electrical tape may also work well and not be so sticky, If the skin was a little oily, there might be some difficulty getting it to stick at all.