Today my work load seems to be spread right across the board, a little bit of actual photography is involved but mainly file management, so looks like I am going to be with my close friend, the coffee bean. On the up side I get to test out my array of Nespresso coffees and today may well be the decider to my favourite coffee strength and flavour.
Caffeine affects the central nervous system making people who consume it more alert and energetic. It is also known to make people feel better and improve their mood. Caffeine increases blood flow in the brain, so it is often used to help people stay awake or concentrate. A good intake of caffeine has been shown to improve your performance both in intellectual and in physical endeavours. Studies have shown that those who consume in excess of five cups of coffee in a day then start to stimulate other receptors in the brain and at this stage it is the creative side of the brain that gets the biggest kick from it.
People should stop looking at caffeine as a bad drug and realise caffeine’s benefits outweigh its downfalls. Ninety percent of people across the world have drunk caffeine for it’s stimulating effects and though tea is the highest consumed beverage, coffee however is the highest traded commodity.


Kopi Luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world with prices reaching in excess of £50 for a single shot of the black stuff. It is frowned upon if you was thinking of adding milk or sugar to this exquisite cup of Joe. “Kopi” the Indonesian word for coffee along with “luwak” is local name of this animal which eats the raw red coffee beans. The civet digests the soft outer part of the coffee cherry, but does not digest the inner beans and excretes them.
So when it is said that coffee can give you the shits, in this case that is exactly what you are paying for.