What with the typical British weather, attempts to go out for long cross country walks or running in the park do not always come into focus, so how do some of us get around this. Do we simply persevere with the weather and take a run in the rain and cold, join the gym and hope we get value for money or what?
I knew that my interest in running and cross country walking was not going to be a one hit wonder and short lived due to the sheer fact I having a running coach who motivates me to achieve my goals even despite to my recent knee injury.
So with the advice of friends I started to think about should I invest in a treadmill?
I had in the past thought about the very idea of a treadmill but with so many on the market place and prices ranging from a few hundred pounds to the thousands, it was hard to know what would be the best one to get and also the best one for my needs.
Finally from lots of research and reviews online and one final piece of advise from a friend, I made the decision to look into purchasing a treadmill and in particular the Reebok 'Z' range.
Is there something out there that seems to just know when I am deciding to make a choice as all the factors just added up, it was like browsing data and cookies in realtime as Argos was having a sale on its treadmills.
Lucky for me all of the Reebok treadmills in the 'Z' range were half price, that was the deciding factor and I went ahead and ordered my 'Reebok Z9'.
I am now the proud owner of a Reebok Z9 treadmill.