Scooting About

The aid of the Cam walker has been great for me to get my mobility back, however taking it easy to not walk to far was advice given by the fracture clinic and only do as much as I could manage, do not over do it.
So, when it came to doing the regular weeks grocery shop I knew that I would not be able to manage every isle with the gusto I usually have. What made it easy when visiting Asda Burgh Heath was the use of an electric scooter.

You must have seen people on them before and thought how slow they move, but this was not the case for these nippy scooters in Asda. They turn on a sixpence and make getting about your daily shop with absolute ease, the only problem you might face is it could run out of charge as you are not the only user of this scooter throughout the day, as I soon found out.
I had got most of the way around the store when what I thought was too many heavy items in my scooter basket slowing my scooter down, it then happened, the scooter slowed right down to a standstill, but Asda Burgh Heath being such a friendly bunch, it was just a matter of a staff member getting me another charged scooter and transferring over my shopping to the fully charged scooter.