Wednesday Lunch

Just had a few hours out in the sunshine slowly mooching about the shops with Wayne at Epsom and now we are both hungry for a bite to eat, where shall we eat?
We have headed over to Tattenham Corner for a Beefeater.
We both ordered the Apple and Onion soup, oh how tasty, then for me followed with a combo burger, bottomless chips and a side salad.


Whilst having lunch I noticed that the car park situated near to where we run was clogged right up with fair traders and planning ahead I thought that both Ian and I should probably find an alternative place to run tonight, at least until the Epsom races are over, we agreed to change the route somewhat and head of to Epsom stew ponds and run there for a change.
It was a great run that evening, I got to break in both my new trainers and also we both got to use out new hydration backpacks, the change was good to so as to keep my body alert with a new running environment, however looking at the course we took it was not all plain down hill or what looked to be flatter surfaces to run on, the slight graduation in the land as it would rise from time to time was very deceiving but still a challenge and worth taking.