Green In The Garden

When I started my garden some items that I was growing may need the use a cloche.
Cloches come in a variety of designs and are used for protecting plants from the cold, frosts and pests. A garden cloche differs from greenhouses and cold frames in that cloches are placed over plants in their existing position, unlike cold frames and greenhouses which require the plants to be potted up and placed inside.

2 cloche.6jpg

At the time I wanted my garden to be aesthetically pleasing as much as it was practical so I opted for not using any cloches, until now.
Thinking that because I had a small and contained space that I would not be prone to much in the way of pests, has well been proved wrong that is to say it is not the case and if you have got something growing that the snails, slugs and caterpillars like to eat they will do their darn best to eat it.
I am lucky that I have a gravel bed to put my containers on, that greatly reduces the slugs and snails as they do not like to crawl along that kind of surface, however it does not stop those pesky leaf munching caterpillars.
I have been reading up on how to make the most of your garden and how to still keep it looking good as well as protecting it. Placing cloches over crops do more than just protect it, if anything they stimulate the plants into flowering so they produce a crop as early as possible.
Next year I will take on Ian's advice in order that my crop will be different in the fact that I am aiming for a good yield of munch free produce and I can still do this in a way that my garden can look great on the eye to.
I guess it goes to show that not everything in the garden is green and pleasant.