Courtyard Clinic Makeover

Last year the Courtyard clinic needed volunteers to work on the garden that is situated in the centre of the courtyard clinic itself. However no interest was shown and as a result the Courtyard garden went from looking nice and green and full of life to a somewhat overgrown state.


Since being a new member to the Courtyard Steering group this year I was approached by Wendy Mejewska, as she had heard that I was an enthusiastic gardener and after hearing about my efforts in transforming my own garden she then asked if I would undertake the Courtyard Clinic's garden.
A few hours a month would not hurt in getting this garden into shape and transform this overgrown area back to its former glory.
Within just a few hours of back breaking work, this area was transformed from a space you could hardly sit in, due to its overgrown nature, to now a space that you would love to be in.


I noticed that just within a few hours of clearing the garden entrance and seating area that people were starting to venture out into the garden. One gentleman said to me "It's nice to finally be able to come out here and make a phone call, before it has been so overgrown I could hardly get out here, keep up the good work, it is looking great". Just those few words were enough to make me realise that this area is used and more so required by the patients, but because of the lack of maintenance this has never been possible, until now.


After clearing the seating area I worked on giving the garden a trim and letting some light back into the garden and discovering that the garden had its own water supply, this gave us a chance to give the garden what it had been after for such a long time; life.


I gave the paved area a good clean, bringing up the once grubby paved area to a now revitalised look.




Hopefully with a few visits every other month should be able to get this garden back to its former glory and more.