Although it is called a “fracture”, an avulsion fracture of the ankle is not a fracture like you are probably thinking of. Ligaments and tendons anchor into bones via microscopic Velcro-like “hooks” called Sharpey’s fibers. When your ankle is twisted violently enough to pull ligaments and tendons off of bones, they usually take a chunk of bone along with. Sometimes these are big enough to show up on x-ray, sometimes they are not. An Avulsion Fracture is simply a Grade III sprain that has pulled tiny chunks of bones away from their attachment points on your bones.
Sometimes these require a cast, sometimes they do not.
My Avulsion Fractures of the ankle required casting for about 3 weeks.


This is bad news for the injured tissues. Bone is the only tissue in your body that requires immobilisation to heal properly. Soft tissues must have movement to heal properly, otherwise they heal with scar tissue.
So from today I have to make a few adjustments to my working and home life in order to get this problem resolved and for the area to heal better with no long term scar tissue.
The only way I can do this is for no weight to neon my ankle and so for the next few weeks I will have to get used to life with crutches.