On The Mend

I cannot quite believe it but today I have had my first day of what feels like a knee starting to improve. David told me to elevate my leg to aid healing, I was not quite sure why but I have done it anyway as my last bit of advise I did not heed out me in this state.
David, who incidentally is a qualified masseur, told me that the injury I have is something very common with new runners and joggers and that the injury I have fallen victim to that of fluid on the knee, commonly known as runners knee. The remedy to cure this problem is a simple and yet sometimes one the can take longer to put right. It is simply to rest the area effected and to elevate the leg so as the fluid around the area can drain away on its own accord. Luckily for me I have a reclining bed, so last night I raised the foot end and slept on my back with my kegs elevated. This morning was a breath of fresh air, being able to walk on it rather than limp on it. I must not take it for granted though that it is fixed because it is only early days, so a few more days, maybe even weeks before I can start to exercise again, gently and slowly in the efforts not to cause another injury. Exercising with my knees supports will also help for it to not recur and lots of warm up and cool down exercises to, must not forget that one.