Car Park Injury

Todays jog was no different to that of any other that I had done here in the past apart from one thing, the injury that I received when walking back to the car.
I have walked across the same part of the car park many a times and it was only today that I slipped and fell at a strange angle down a rather bad pot hole, one of many that this car park is littered with.

epsom_potholes - 4

injury_on_28th_june_2013 - 1

I knew I had done something quite bad, as the injury caused my ankle to swell up considerably, about the size of a satsuma, barley being able to work on it I limped back to the car where the real shock of the event happened, comparing my ankles I could see the damage and the twisted inward facing foot.
The pain was so bad I could not drive back myself home and Wayne was given a lift to Epsom to retrieve my car for me.