First Walk

walking sign

The day has finally come that I am to walk unaided, no stick, no cam walker, just a few steps on my own.
I am taking it so easy, just a few steps around the flat at first, a walk to the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom but no venturing outside just yet.
It is surprising that in just over ten weeks how the muscles around my ankle have shrunk so much, I now have odd ankles, so to speak.
I felt a bit wobbly, but then that is to be expected and as my left side has been doing most of the work and over compensating then I am going to have to overcome my biggest hurdle, using both legs to do the job they both need to do together.
I have been told to walk using all of my foot, walking from heel to toe on one continuous motion, this does mean slowing right down and almost following through mentally my actions.
This way of walking will put all the correct muscles back into motion and heal together, nothing overworked or underused.
Slowly does it, but I am getting there.