Ye Olde Red Lion

So as to get through the high street in as little traffic as possible us drivers develop an array of short cuts that may only shave a couple of minutes off of our journeys but that sense of achievement that you are now five cars in front is maybe the real goal.  
Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for anything to slow drivers down since there are enough arsehole drivers out there, but do we really need speed bumps so big they no longer can be called bumps.


Take a short cut around the back of Cheam high street and you will see what I mean.
After driving over those humps, bumps, oh my god mountains in the road take an immediate right turn, park the car up and head over to ‘The Olde Red Lion’.
Wayne, Harrison and I headed there today.


Now, what can I say about this gastropub?  It is a charming, very friendly, really good priced food and superb customer service, the kind of customer service you very rarely get but so wish for.  The staff are amazingly attentive without being too attentive and genuinely care, not like some places I have been into when you get a server just walk past a few times when they have nothing better to do, ask if you are ok and don’t even wait for you to answer.  It is not like this here.  We reserved a table in a tucked away nook and when we arrived we set up a tab.  



Now setting up tabs in bars and restaurants I find uncomfortable to do as some places ask for your card to be left behind the bar in a tankard with your table number on a bit of paper elastic banded to it, not something I feel safe doing and when I am confronted with this method I refuse and pay as I go.  Be rest assured this is not the case at ‘The Olde Red Lion’, card safety is paramount to them.  Simply put, they pop your card into its very own locker, secure it shut and give the key to you.
Now let us talk about the food.
Taste, texture, presentation and just the right portion size is what this food had, from pub classics to creations.  I’d write more but I think these photos will better describe it.