Cam Walker

So it has been a few weeks now and I have got used to living my life with crutches, well for the time being anyway.
Today I got a change to my rehabilitation in the way of a Cam Boot.


Pneumatic Adjustable Inflation medical boots (often called Air Cam Walkers) allow you to inflate an air bladder to the needed compression for increased stabilisation of their injury. Air cast cam walker fracture boots accommodate different swelling patterns that often occur during the recovery process. This gives the ability to adjust the comfort level of the medical boot.
For the first time I can see the full extent of my injury and I can understand why I was in so much pain as it was not just the ankle that was badly bruised but also my calf area.

injury_on_10th_july_2013 - 2

injury_on_10th_july_2013 - 1