Vicki Wig-Do

Every year you have that choice of what to do for your birthday, do you go out for a meal with friends and family, do you take a days trip out, do some exciting adventure or throw your own party?
When it is one of those big numbers like 18, 21 or 40 then most make it an event to remember, Vicki did just that last night.
Vicki was celebrating her 40th birthday with a themed night, it was not surprising that she kept the theme in close keeping to her work, so being a hairdresser the theme was all to do with hair, in particular wigs.

vicks_wig-out2013 - 19



A complementary drink was served to guests by a door whore as you entered the village hall and then a numbered tag was stuck on you, this was all to do with Vicki offering a prize for the best and worst wig.

vicks_wig_out2013 - 2

Food was provided by the way of a burger van that Vicki had hired for the night so chips, burgers and hot dogs were being served.
A photographer was there with a backdrop and props. It was a good night that everyone participated in, even Irene and Brian from the Isle Of White had made the long journey to be there.

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