Courtyard Christmas Party

For the past 12 years the Courtyard Clinic have been holding a Christmas party for its users, friends and staff and over the years it has really grown, so much that this years event was held at The Antelope in Tooting. The venue and atmosphere was full of warm happy faces and everyone getting into the festive spirit early. Food was laid on by the Antelope which consisted of a gorgeous array of spicy chicken thighs, salmon and chilli fish cakes, sausage rolls, vegetable couscous, freshly sliced turkey with a warm cranberry sauce, freshly made coleslaw, spinach fajitas and some mini fresh mince pies and an endless supply of Champagne and non alcoholic juices. If that was not enough there was also a kitty for behind the bar and each party guest was given two tickets on entrance to the party. I gave my support this year by turning up and helping with the party as I offered my services in being the door host and greeting guests and handing out the drinks tickets and attaching attendance wrist bands. I really enjoyed myself this year by being involved as I got to meet everyone that turned up, in past years of attending these parties I have just been a guest and caught up with old friends. I had the hidden extra for being on the door as I had an endlessly supply of drink brought to me.
Before the festivities got underway I managed to take a photo and if you click on the photo you may just get the surprise of seeing the venue in full 360º view.