Run Jezz Run

So far it has been all talk about wanting to start to run and doing it at home on the Wii is one thing but doing in practise with all the elements being thrown at you, well that is something else.
Today I downloaded the Nike+ GPS application and joined the online community and the world or running and fitness freaks, so far so good. I then looked through the Nike site and chose a goal to burn calories over a set period, that is when I stumbled on that there was more to this site than previously thought. I could start to train myself with a coached plan and luckily for me there was a twelve week beginners program that I am going to start tomorrow.
I thought that as the weather was good I would do a small jog around the lovely Beddington park. Well, I managed one and a half miles in thirteen minutes which I do not think is that bad for a first run, but by god did I know that I had done a run after. Full of phlegm, choking and a splutter afterwards and a very warm glow all over, but I did it.
I am hoping that as the days, weeks and months pass, it gets easier.