Peas And Then Some

We have not had to good a summer, in fact a very late summer, the sun has only seemed to have come out over the last few days and this has really affected the fruit and vegetables I have been trying to grow. It has not just been myself that has been affected but also the garden centres too, as the selection of root stock has just not been there.
Well, as all gardeners do, they persevere and get on. I did just that and uprooted what failed to grow and got on with planting more hardy fruits and vegetables.
My garden now sees some new additions in the way of Garlic planted from cloves, mixed coloured Carrots from seed, two lots of Rosemary from plants and some Mangetout from seed. Also as the Lilies have finally come to the end of their flowering cycle they were replaced with some Pansy's and Winged Tobacco.

MangeTout & Pea Pole Week1

Pansys & Winged Tabacco