Books Are Dead

I can see why the popularity of ebooks are taking over the traditional methods of reading something that you hold in your hands, turn the pages and smell the print.
Before I invested in the digital ebook, if I needed some form of publication then I would go to the John Lewis of book stores; Waterstone's, until today.
Today I received the most abysmal service that has made me decide never to use the company ever again.
Why is it that customer services think they can treat us in this way, with poor service, lack of any manners and just generally a view to not giving a shit, it is not like the service they offer is exclusive.
Well I am not putting up with it anymore and I have a perfect platform to read book from, the iPad. One thing that conventional books lack, is the ability to be interactive so even though an iPad is a big outlay to start with, the overall experience of reading is for more fun and is no longer a case of just thumbing through the pages.
The bottom line is 'do you want more than just reading?' Start by asking yourself what you are really looking for.
Do you just want to read books?
How about magazines and newspapers?
What about browsing the Web?
Want to add multimedia to the mix in the way of music, audiobooks, or video?
Yes, you guessed it, you are thinking that the iPad is not such a bad idea after all.