Lights On Lights Off

We are in such a throw away society that when things break we just bin them, but what happens when we need to fix them because throwing them away is not an option?
Today one of my break light on the car decided to blow and I had the choice to book my car in at the garage and pay about £25 to get it fixed or do it myself. I thought that if the instruction were int he car manual then it was designed to be fixed and not to use a garage to do the same job.
I had the bulb and so I thumbed through the pages of the car manual until I came across the lights section. Ok it was not overly easy to disassemble but breaking it down in stages and taking my time, I did change the bulb myself and so saved myself a trip to the garage and a bill at the end of it.

change_brake_light - 2

change_brake_light - 1