Monday Blues

What could be worse than a Monday morning stuck in traffic?
Monday morning in traffic, heading to the dentist. Fortunately my dentist in Wandsworth is excellent and also extremely cheap compared to my last dentist who though was a little closer to home was also a lot more expensive and she had no compassion towards my anxiety of sitting in the dentists chair. So today I may be £17 out of pocket but I got some pearly whites to show for it.
For a few days now I have been experiencing a little trouble with applications loading and my iPhone running a little sluggish and today I could not get the app store to load so after a hard reboot and a tweaking here and there and still no joy, I had no choice but to do a system restore and it feels like I have a brand new iPhone.
A word of waring for anyone who has to do this procedure, for god sake BACKUP YOUR IPHONE!
I have always backed up my data and kept my applications up to date and with the added benefit of having application and phone settings that can be stored in Apples iCloud, now doing such a drastic procedure is as easy as pie with only one drawback, needing about an hour or so to solely dedicate to the job in hand.
Sorted, a new feeling about my iPhone and all of my applications, folders and data in its place.