Press And Record

Since TV companies started to show more programs across more channels, it is no longer as simple as tuning into BBC or ITV, there seems to be now plus channels. This is great for choice but also hard to track just what to watch and then what happens when one of your favourite programs clashes with another, what do you watch?
TV broadcasters have brought out catch up apps or watch on demand apps but not everything is always accessible, some programs run the once and then thats it, if you miss then tough luck.
So how do I overcome the vast range of TV programs I want to watch? I found a result today as I purchased a HDD BluRay TV recorder..


I got to say if you do not have the time to watch as when broadcasted then this is the best solution and what with a great big 500GB hard drive I can record hours of TV that I watch when I want, never to miss another favourite program again. A great feature that I am new to, is the ability to do a series record, one press of a button and then the whole series is recorded, I never miss and episode.