A Years Service

To think just over fourteen months ago I applied for one of the companies I wanted to work for and look at me now as I have come on in leaps and bounds.
I started off doing only but a few hours on the delicatessen until a full time post was available on the welcome desk, which was one of my most challenging posts to date, however the one that has had the most rewards and also where I have learnt the most.  I think that if I had not taken on the full time role on the welcome desk, then I may not know as much as I do today, if anything it has helped boost my career.
In my time on the welcome desk I have heard so many people and partners for that matter say how easy the job is, they comment ‘you just stand there’ and until we became the ‘Modern Waitrose’ and cross training was a compulsory element they clearly did not realise just how complexed the demanding the job could be.  I love roles like this and I guess it is for that reason why I have learnt so much, it was not just a role to me but so often a daily challenge that admittedly had its highs and lows.
I can never stand still in a job and I am a strong believer that 'knowledge is power’ and so with this I have demanded to learn more, even if it meant that I had to go out of my way to do so.
My career with Waitrose has unfolded to another stage and now as a CSA I am another run up the ladder.  This role is a supportive role for customer services and though many see it as a general dogs body for the section, when looking closely it is actually a role with great responsibility, being your own boss that requires you to make sometime quick concise decisions (sometimes out of the box) that benefit the whole section in getting the job done, there is a big element of customer care (more so in a supervisory role) and having welcome desk knowledge under my belt has helped this role massively.
I like that with my CSA role I get to not only be able to suggest ideas but also the think outside the box and implant them.  I have recently been worked along side both my Deputy manager and Branch manager to find a better way of dispensing expensive alcohol through check outs quicker.  In the past CSA’s have had to wait to be alerted by checkout operators for such items and then take the sometimes long walk across the shop floor out into the warehouse to collect the item and then back out onto the shop floor back to check outs, this to most might not seem to much but it can soon change a days step count from an average fortune thousand steps to a whopping twenty five thousand steps.  So with this in mind I took it upon myself to clear space in a stock cupboard for these such items and made it my goal to keep it stocked up for everyone.  It did not just stop there but I also took on extra work to bring stock over and unpack it before then putting the display boxes out on the shop floor.  This probably does not seem much to most but this simple thinking out of the box has not only cut down on theft, it has boosted productivity, cut down in man hours and ultimately has got the product quicker to the customer with little or no fuss.  Everyone at work knows I am very much into my tech and I have been using several apps over the Christmas period to estimate what stock I should be increasing in shelf capacity, not only along with special Waitrose discounts but also social trending of 'whats hot and whats not’ and I think I have achieved my goal as I have had so much praise from my senior partners, especially from my Deputy manager and Branch manager.  It was especially a nice touch that I was rewarded with what I can only describe as a connoisseur bottle of Gin, something I have been wanting to try, a bottle of Gin Mare. 


I am currently training for cash office and though I know shortly I will be fully trained I know that I will be looking for something else to further my career, I already have ideas of what I want to learn to increase the stings in my bow.
I guess it is now a case of watch this space.