Up Too Early

Well, I can only think that the bad weather and the heating coming on sooner than normal that has played about with body clock.  I feel tiered and groggy at funny times throughout the day and when I should be sleeping I am wide awake.  Take this morning for example, I awoke at 4:20am only to briefly use the bathroom and then again at 6:30am and on the second wake up I felt I needed to get up but instead I forced myself back to sleep. Now it's 11:30am and I need to get up or I will not be able to sleep tonight, it is a vicious circle, here is hoping for a change in the weather soon.
Despite how the day started, today has turned out very productive as I have managed to get a lot of research material for this site and preparation for articles that will shortly be posted. My main workflow today was the uniformity of files that are used threw out this and another website that I maintain.  I can wipe my brow now and say that I have completed what I set out to do today and reward myself will a few pieces of Turkish Delight, that is the sweet not some woman belly dancing in front of me.