The Kazaar

I guess by now you know of my love of coffee, proper coffee not the instant stuff. Well, Slowly but surely my stock of Nespresso capsules are depleting and it's time to order more form the exclusive club. I placed my order last night and as if by magic they arrived this morning at 9:30am, talk about speedy service.
I ordered my usual full array of all the strengths so that Wayne and my guests who visit also had a choice of the lesser intensive flavour should lithely not like the strong stuff.
I also thought I would try out the new limited addition to the Nespresso collection, called Kazaar. It has been described as the "monster" of coffees, since it is a 12 rating in strength, but does it live up to hype that it has been receiving?


Kazaar is sourced from Robusta and Arabica beans from South and Central America. It's recommended as an espresso blend, able to stand up to the added milk in a latte or cappuccino.
As far as flavour goes, It stays on the happy side of bitter, with a finish that lasts long than the coffee in your glass does. You will also find that because it is such a strong flavour you may need a flavour equally as strong to remove it from your palate or a good tongue scraping.
I am noticing that coffee is becoming a culture in its own right and I can see that all the time flavours like this keep on popping up then the experience of coffee will always maintain its high standards.
As for the social aspect of coffee, having limited branded additions appear every so often and with social network pages closely linked with its released is a great marketing strategy. The social networking hype must be great for coffee sales worldwide as that is what social networking sites seem to be so clever at doing, reaching the masses in the nearest and furthest corners of the globe.
A final thought for this monster of a coffee is, if you are a coffee lover and you own a Nespresso machine then this is one to try out and in my option I hope it becomes part of the permanent part of the Grand Cru range.