10 Years Loyal


I have been a loyal customer of T-Mobile for 10 years and when I first joined, the service was perfect but then you joined forces with Orange and suddenly the service became like the old service we came to expect of Orange; it was unhelpful, unprofessional at times and my loyalty of 10 years was meaningless!
Back in April of 2013, I started to experience a loss of service and I had cause to contact customer services: Violet that raised the case to the Tech Support team. I was put through to Ross in Technical (Device Escalations - Team 342) who suggested three options 1) Cancel my contract, 2) the offer of half price line rental or 3) a signal booster box. As both myself and my partner are loyal T-Mobile customers, cancelling was only ever going to be a last resort and half price line rental would not solve the problem so we opted for the signal box. Ross sent out a Signal Booster Box S3 (14th June 2013) and explained that it connects to the internet and should give us full service. Because of the disruption of service that Ross could see we were experiencing, he sent out the box for FREE including FREE P&P. The box arrived on Monday 17th June 2013 just shortly before 9am. I was eager to get the booster box plugged in and my service returned to how it once was, so I made a call to register the box and shortly after, is when the real problems started.
On the 17th June 2013, I called Gillian at Tech Support in Greenock Team Number 544. I explained to her that after connecting the booster box, the home wi-fi stopped working. She then messaged Device Escalations to pass on this information.
Later that day, Gillian called back and obtained more information about the Signal Booster Box. She said that it can take up to 9 hours for the box to update itself and then for the wifi single to return to normal. After leaving the booster box plugged in for the full 9 hours, it still crippled the wifi and I had to resort to unplugging the device. As soon as I did, the wifi returned to its usual lightning speed. I called Gillian back again and she put me through to Mandy in Retentions and Cancellations. Mandy made a few enquiries with Technical and spoke with her Manager. I had noticed that T-Mobile also did a Nextivity signal booster box that required no internet connection, however this was only available for business customers and in my desperation, I asked Mandy if there was anyway that I could upgrade to a business account in order to obtain the Nextivity booster box. Mandy said that this was not possible and that she had written an email to Ross in Technical (Device Escalations - Team 342) asking for him to call me on the 18th June (around 10am).
On the 18th June 2013 - following Mandy’s call in Retentions and Cancellations, she was unable to get hold of Ross in Technical (Device Escalations - Team 342) and instead, James called.
James asked me to give him 10 to 15 minutes to sort out the problem as he needed to speak with Network Support and that after that time, he would call me back.
James was not very helpful when he finally called some 4 hours later. He was confrontational from the start.
As there was no resolve when James called back, I asked to speak to his manager as I did not want to have to listen to his confrontational tone anymore, however he replied very rudely: “no amount of asking to speak with a manager is going to make any difference. We are a very busy small department here, too small, if you ask my opinion” and then after I confronted him about his manner and tone of voice, he then said: “please don't tell me what I should and shouldn't say.” I got off the call absolutely disgusted with how I had been spoken to and worse still, my problem had not been resolved.
18th June 2013 - Either phone conversations are recorded at T-Mobile or it was just a fluke that Kirsty called me at 7pm to enquire as to whether James had dealt with my problem or not. I expressed my grievance with her. She was most understanding and apologetic and asked if it would be ok for her to call me back in a few hours so that she could review what was said and try to resolve my ongoing and unresolved problem. At 9.15pm Kirsty called again to get the IMIE number from the signal booster box to pass on to Network Support. Kirsty informed me that Network Support are going to make contact every other day in an attempt to resolve the problem with the signal booster box and to find out if there are any particular times in the day that the booster box does the job it was intended to do.
21st June 2013 - Network support failed to call yesterday and have not called today.
23rd June 2013 - 5.45pm - I called T-mobile and was finally put through to Peter Perkins in Wales and he suggested that I plug in the booster box one more time as he said there had been a number of problems with the internet communications at their end and the information it was sending to the signal booster box. He also asked that I email him tomorrow night after 9pm as he said “that's enough time to establish that it's all working well.” Both my partner and I ran tests, e.g., made a voice call, had a FaceTime call, turned the Playstation on during another call, tested the iPads and iPhone signal strengths, however I was still encountering a few problems but I maintained keeping the signal booster box turned on and connected to the internet.
22nd Aug 2013 - 12.15pm - Spoke to Kami in Device Escalations in South Wales, who gave me an explanation as to the likelihood of a rapid LED flashing on our booster box, and yet, I felt that we were being fobbed off.
I kept a record of the performance of the signal booster box so that any further person I spoke with at either Device Escalations or Tech Support, could see that the problems may marry up with problems that either departments may also be experiencing.

Booster Box Record 2013
18th June am 1 Bar to No Signal - pm 2 Bars to 1 Bar
19th June am 1 Bar to No Signal - pm 2 Bars to 1 Bar
20th June am & pm No Signal
21st June am & pm No Signal
22nd June am & pm No Signal
23rd June am 1 Bar - pm 2 Bars to 1 Bar
23rd June After Box working 5 BARS
24th June 1 Bar as Box not working, red light
24th June - The booster box throughout the day fluctuates, it goes from one extreme to the other.
11th July - Another random test of the signal box only to find that today the box is flashing green and yet no one in the household is making any phone calls.
22nd Aug - Yet another day where the booster box throughout the day fluctuates.
15th Sept - Good service on the booster box, no problems today.
17th Oct - Booster box seems to be working ok and have had a good service.
8th Nov - Spoke too soon booster box is playing up again, solid red light today.
18th Dec - Booster box has been working ok, however at least once a week the box will go to a static red and service for that day is very poor.
Booster Box Record 2014
5th Jan - Booster box has been working ok, however at least once a week the box will go to a static red and service for that day is very poor.
11th Feb - Booster Box rapid green flashing light.

20th Feb 2014 - To date, Network Support have still not made any communication with me and due to the abysmal service that I have received, I will not be renewing my contract in March 2014.
I have been using a Virgin 30 day rolling contract sim on a 2nd phone and the service of both reception and customer service is superb; way better than I have ever received in the 10 loyal years that I have been with T-Mobile.
21st Feb 2014 - Gareth at Retentions and Cancellations knows the problems that I am facing with T-Mobile and is very apologetic and extremely helpful with trying to keep my custom, however he can only offer me one deal that still requires a 12 month contract, similar to that with Virgin; unlimited text and calls but only 5GB of 4G data at a cost of £18 (normally £36). Gareth tried to keep my custom as he said "Virgin hive off EE" and yet the signal on Virgin is better than that of T-Mobile. Gareth also said: "my hands are tied and I cannot offer you anything near to what Virgin are offering.”
It saddens me that today on 24th Feb 2014, Derek at Retentions and Cancellations called and because of the limitations to what he can physically do, my only choice was to leave my 10 year relationship with T-Mobile and take my PAC number over to Virgin.
It is a real shame that the only thing T-Mobile have actually performed well is giving me my PAC number.
Why is it that the service of T-Mobile is not only poor in customer services but also in its retail stores as well? As today, I walked into a Virgin media store and was greeted as customers should be; with a warm welcome and not of that I have experienced when entering an EE store.. who think that it is ok to call me: ‘Mate’ and being asked ‘what we gonna do for you then?’ This is unprofessional and where it might be appropriate some of your more younger clientele, it is most certainly not acceptable with me.
I cannot believe that T-Mobile are not willing to reward loyal customers and would rather lose a customer with 10 years worth of loyalty. Retentions and Cancellations need to have the power to price match and because they do not, you have just lost another customer!
T-Mobile, I have been loyal to you for far too many years and this is how you reward me? Well no more! The buck stops here! I’m leaving you and I will not be singing your praises as I once have done.
Joining forces with Orange may very well have been your financial lifeline but it has also been your downfall as you have adopted their poor customer service skills and lack of customer loyalty.
T-Mobile, EE, whatever you want to call yourselves, if you cannot improve on keeping your loyal customers happy, do at least do one thing right, give all your staff the same training, if stores such as Apple, John Lewis and Ikea can do it and be consistently good at customer services then why can’t you?
Disgruntled former customer