Grow Your Own

A few days ago Ian brought round two terracotta pots filled with a variety of herbs to get us inspired to grow our own. It was first a thought for getting an allotment space close by, but after discovering that there was a waiting list of over two years we thought about could we grow our own in a space in the communal garden area.
As luck would have it we have a space near to our bedroom window that is secluded enough to be our own space but also an area that the sun light and other weather elements can get to, with the exception of the wind, as this area is protected by the high walls of the flats.
I really wanted to get Wayne on side and interested in growing something, I know he is not the best at growing anything, normally anything he grows or plants he gets as gifts tend to be dead within a week, but with some expert help from Ian and lots of enthusiasm I think a few herbs and hardy vegetables will grow.
So with that in mind, yesterday we headed off to our local garden centre and browsed pots and containers, seeing what would look best, be practical and not look out of place. We also looked at the vegetables and herbs in the grow your own section, so we had an idea of what it would look like once in the pots, kind of a visual head start.