Juiced Up

With a new iPhone means buying new accessories and the iPhone 5s is no exception, but as the phone is relatively new it does mean that the only products available are from those companies that have always been in Apple line of sight, these are Mophie, Belkin and Twelve South. These products however are part of the high end range, but with quality does mean they are not cheap, if anything they are the most expensive but I do believe you get what you pay for, buy budget you get budget, buy quality you get the best.
The Mophie Juice Pack Air is an iPhone 5s case that offers substantial protection, but more importantly contains a built-in battery that enables you to run the iPhone 5 for longer.


Short battery life is a problem that plagues many smartphones. Apple has paid close attention to maxing out the battery life of its products. Indeed the recent iPhone and iPads are little more than batteries with components embedded inside and screens attached. Apple claims eight hours of talk time, and 10 hours of video playback on the iPhone 5s. Typically this should be enough but there are circumstances when the battery runs short: keen gamers, those who use the iPhone 5s as a Sat-Nav and anybody on a long-haul flight will find solace in this Mophie Juice Pack Air iPhone 5s case. The Mophie Juice Pack Air completely surrounds the rear and sides of an iPhone 5s. The bottom part is removable and forms two pieces that clip together around the iPhone. Once clipped into place the iPhone 5s display and buttons are accessible, but the rest of the phone is neatly sealed in.
There are gaps for the earphone socket, and camera lens and replacement buttons on the sides of the Mophie Juice Pack Air.


These push down the appropriate buttons, and adjust the Mute slider as appropriate. In all the iPhone 5s worked exactly the same as before. Impressed with the fit and finish of the Mophie Juice Pack Air iPhone 5s. Like previous Mophie products it is clearly made of high quality plastic and metal with a styling designed to somewhat mimic the iPhone 5s (there’s a metal band running around the side). There are also build in speaker grills so the audio from the iPhone is pumped out from the front. The only technical difference is that you charge the Mophie Juice Pack Air iPhone 5s with a Micro USB cable instead of the usual Lightning connector. It is worth noting that you cannot sync to iTunes with the USB cable, although you can sync an iPhone 5s wirelessly these days).


On the reverse of the case is a rocker switch so you can choose to charge the iPhone 5s or just hold the power in reserve. It also sports a button with four lights that you can press to get a charge status.


The case did not interfere with call or data function, although there is no getting away from the fact that it bulks out the iPhone 5s.
It doubles the width of the iPhone 5s and takes the weight of the phone from 112grams to 188grams. I did not find it unwieldy though, and the extra weight did not seem much of an issue. Probably because the iPhone 5s is especially lightweight to begin with. Still, it is a direct trade-off between form and function. The case is essentially a large battery and I found that when it was attached to an iPhone 5s it charged up an iPhone from flat to 85%. This offers a lot of extra time to use the device. It is enough to see you happy on any long-haul journey, but probably overkill for day-to-day use but then we do use our smartphones more and more these days.