So after hitting forty I also hit probably my heaviest weight and though I can handle being forty, one thing I do not want to be is fat and forty. So I have taken a firm hold on ways to control my food intake and also ways to exercise that burn calories. I need it to be fun to do but also for me to be able to maintain, unlike my many failed attempts at the gym. I am aiming for five days a week, a little each day and steadily increase the exercise regime as I get fitter.
I have found three great applications that are helping me on my fitter journey. Calorie counter and diet tracker by ‘MyFitnessPal’ helps me record my calorie intake, iMapMyRun by ‘MapMyFitness’ helps me not only track my walks, runs, hikes or even days out shopping but also but also the calories I have burnt in doing so and finally I use weight monitor by ‘Essence Computing’ to record my weight loss or in some cases weight gain. What I love about weight monitor is that it not only shows your weight progress but also as a trend line, so even if you do put on weight half way through your diet you can see that overall you are losing it.
I aim to GFNF, get fit not fat.