No Flies On Me


Despite the rain today, it was not going to put me off going down to Brighton to visit my good friend David. Of course, It would have been nice to have driven there with the roof down and the music playing but the rain really put a stop to that.
It would be typical of the weather clearing up when I finally got into Brighton. What this meant was that David and I could have a nice cup of tea and a chat with the balcony door open and a gentle breeze coming in. However that does not stop the pesky bugs and flies from coming in and making themselves welcome too, or as David and I would see it, not so welcome.
The only way to stop this was to erect a fly screen but with so many different types of screens out there, which one is best?
After trial and error and realising that flimsy plastic strips do not work, David found the solution. With a little bit of handy work and a few screws later, David now has a brand new chain fly screen.