David Wallis 1951 - 2011


If it was not for the internet I would have never of met David Wallis, the charming character and a gentlemen amongst gentlemen with a plethora of knowledge but still with a keenness to learn more and so a journey began both Wayne and I as we pulled him into the 21st century with iTunes and then his iPod and finally his iPad.
David was a joy to be around and often he was my guide not just in life but in leisure. David was the walking talking tour guide that everyone wished they had, I was lucky to have been known as ‘one of his boys’.
David had been battling Cancer for many years before I had met him and his fighting spirit and sheer joy of life is what got him through some hard days and nights but alas his fight to Cancer ended on the 13 November 2011.
David I was privileged when you let me lose on some photos of you from you as a baby to present day and let me create a photo of you to be used for 60th birthday invitations and so it seemed fitting to also share this photo and make it the front cover for your order of service book that was created by Wayne Alton.
David you are my farther figure, my encyclopaedia and my old friend that will be truly missed but sure as hell never forgotten.