Over The Years

I have been slowly but surely going through my thousands of photos in order to filter out the wheat from the chaff. It is so as to work on the better images.
It was then when I stumbled on a collection of flower images and then I realised that they had been bought for me over the years, I am noticing I have quite a taste for the finer floral things. I have told my friends that I do love lily and I wonder if why so many of the bouquets have a lily or three in them, as that is how you are supposed to buy lilies and if you buy in even numbers they for some reason do not tend to last, something is bound to go wrong, might be the reason why the lilies in the first photo only lasted a few days, they had a curse on them.
It is known that the lily stands for faith as our towering strength to begin a new life and the purchasing of an odd number is auspicious and relates to divine strength in Bible, not that I am religious in any way.