Friends Think

You know when you have a good friend as they listen to what you have to say, they instinctively know your mood and know how to deal with it, they can say what needs to be said and you view it as guided loving advise. They are right there for you when you need them and they can keep a distance when you need to be on your own with just your thoughts. A good friend also knows, without having to ask what to buy for you on your birthday and Christmas and your be guaranteed that what they get you is just so personal and right from the heart.
My good friend Colin, I can only describe you as a charming prince that can see both sides of the story and I feel so lucky to be able to have your warmth and friendship. Colin you are so thoughtful that on your trip away you thought of both me and Wayne and we just wanted to say how we love our fun and casual bead bracelets, ideal for when you want to wear a piece of simple jewellery that goes with everything.


I was truly gobsmacked when you bought me my first Murano glass bead for my next Pandora bracelet and you added your own finishing touches with the personalised presentation bag, I am going to use that to store my new bracelet in.


You surprised me once more with a gorgeously engraved glass that is just right for my evening tipple, but I am also aware of just how special that glass is and I may well have to just keep it on show in my display cabinet of treasured gifts and keepsakes.


Thank you once more Colin for my delightful gifts and for our friendship that can only grow bigger, stronger and closer.