Scratches And Scrapes

I am very particular with where I park my car and in some cases if I cannot park in a safe place then my plans either no plans are made or cancelled.
Today I had a photo shoot in Brighton. At the best of times parking is both hard enough and costly. Depending on where you park seems to affect the parking fees. I could not begin to imagine the dramas residents must go through in order to park near to their homes.
Because my client lives in an area where parking spaces are for residents only, I was forced to park along the sea front. However a further drama was to unfold when leaving to go home.
I was washing my car the next day and as I was leathering the car down, I thought I noticed some dirt that I had missed. However it was not… it was some scrape marks, roughly the size of my hand. As I knew they were not there the day before, I assumed I had done this when pulling away. In fact thinking back, I heard a scraping noise and got out of the car to check the alloy wheels and saw nothing. I assume that that was when I caused the damage to the front bumper.
Well, owing to the wonderful skills of Ian Johnson at Paintbox, Cheam, my car is now back in pristine condition after what I call ‘a bit of a make-up’.