Plums And Tayberries

I have been looking for a nice Victoria Plum tree and some Tayberries to finish off garden and today Ian came up trumps as he brought over a Plum tree and a Tayberry bush.

Tayberry Week 6 - 3

Victoria Plum Week 6 - 4

As usual, it was planted with all the love and care that a dedicated gardener usually shows on his crop but these two plants had some extra special 'Natures Own Potting Compost'.
A lot of time and effort has gone into this small plot of space in a very short time and already signs of that care are blooming with the lovely bright yellow lilies.

Lillies Week 6 - 2

Hopefully it will not be to long before I start to harvest my first crop, just to think that only six weeks ago these black tubs had a sprinkling of seeds, rich compost and some water and now look at them.

The Garden Week 6 - 1