I love to watch a film with a bucket of popcorn between my legs, slowly munching away but doing this with shop bought popcorn can be bad for your health as it is normally loaded with all kind of salts, sugars and fats but making your own is another matter, so I treated myself to a popcorn maker for my movie nights.
There are a few that you can buy and some need you to add oil for the cooking process but adding oil means adding fat, so I opted for the healthier alternative and purchased a electric heater style popcorn maker. It is so easy to use, just fill the hopper, flick the switch and in only 3 minutes out shoots light, fluffy popcorn.


Popcorn is not just a food that is naturally high in fibre, low in calories, sodium, sugar, and fat-free but also it has more of a past than we relies.
Some Native American tribes believed that a spirit lived inside each kernel of popcorn. The spirits would not usually bother humans, but if their home was heated, they would jump around, getting angrier and angrier, until eventually they would burst out with a pop.
Popped popcorn comes in two basic shapes, a snowflake and mushroom. Movie theatres prefer snowflake because it is bigger and confections use mushroom because it will not crumble when treated with flavourings and packaged for retailers.
Our love of popcorn started when American vendors began selling popcorn at carnivals in the late 19th century. When they began to sell outside movie theatres, theatre owners were initially annoyed, fearing that popcorn would distract their patrons from the movies. It took a few years for them to realise that popcorn could be a way to increase revenues, and popcorn has been served in movie theatres since 1912.
Nowadays, many movie theatres make a greater profit from popcorn than they do from ticket sales, since for every pound or dollar spent on popcorn, around 90% of that is pure profit. Popcorn also makes moviegoers thirsty and more likely to buy expensive drinks.
It is a good thing that popcorn is low in calories, sodium, sugar, and fat-free as when we eat popcorn it takes our brain receptors longer to let us know we are full.