Frank B's

Wayne had promised his sister Nikki that he would take her shopping in Kingston and buy her a Pandora charm and normally I leave them to go and have brother and sister time, this time I was invited and it was a nice change.
When we are out it is hard to please everyone in where to stop off and have a bite to eat, you know shopping can be real tiring work. We had passed by Frank B’s every time we headed to the Centreview restaurant and thought of it as nothing more than one of those fun themed restaurants, we took a brave leap and was pleasantly surprised, it was more than just an American diner.


The theme of the restaurant was as you would expect in a recreation of an American diner, some can be a bit over done but this was just right and they managed to capture the ambience just right. They did the usual array of burgers and fries, cokes, floats and shakes, stuff for the kids, the vegetarian option and then a few extra things you would only find in an American diner. The food was cooked to order and though this made for a slightly longer wait, it was worth it as you knew the food was not only hot but also fresh, this a key component to a good restaurant, people do not mind waiting a little longer if the food is freshly cooked rather than on a keep warm quick blanch basis, nothing worse than double cooked food.
Wayne and Nikki decided to share a burger and order extra fries and I had a burger to myself, who would have thought beetroot in a burger could be so refreshing.
If I was to be asked “would you got back again” then my response would be “yes”. The food was great, the choice was varied and the combinations of extras was better than I have seen in most places, overall a good place to eat unless you are not into the American diner experience.