Four, Two, Me

Some see cars as practical, others see them as luxury items or a means to show off that head turner thing.
There is one thing we all share when looking for a new car, the common ground is affordability. How much will it cost to run, will it increase my insurance and will my road tax go up.
All the common factors that ultimately decide what our next set of wheels will be.
I have for many years seen my cars as practice, means of getting from A to B and something comfortable for a just over six-foot individual, something that not many car manufacturers seem to take into account, that all allusive head and leg room.
Recently I did want that head turner thing at a price I could afford.

Jezz Baby

I started with cars that had four seats but most of the time I would only ever use two of them, myself and a passenger so I then ditched the four-seater and opted for the two-seater cars that meant having that added advantage of a little more power and pull away due to less of a load and also being the fact I only drove automatic cars that would give me the extra added oomph when pulling away, more often at a set of traffic lights.

Jezz Clio

My cars driven have not been many, I stared at the car that I learnt to drive in, a Clio and from that, I went to something that was practical at the time, a Jeep. I then wanted something with a little pose factor and grabbed myself a 207cc convertible and still sticking with the convertible thing I then opted for a city car, the Smart for Two soft top, at the time an impulse buy and probably not my smartest of moves, yes it was economical, good on tax and petrol but that was about it.


207 front

207 side

Jezz Smart ar Test Drive

Everything went out of the window with my next car.
Yes, I went for a Mini Coupe.

mini side

mini front

mini puddle light

I have been driving it for a while now and I have got to say besides the immense pose factor and complete head turner car, it has been one of the best drives, the most tech-induced car and when I need it this car goes like stink, whoosh it is off, must be the turbo sorts engine kicking in.
So my opinion on this new car, well the next car has a lot to live up to, I don't think I be getting anything other than a mini again, they just seem to put all the best tech in their cars and safety gadgets and for a price that is far more affordable and reasonable than that of other high end luxury cars that only a select few can own.