All In A Week

I can see why some people really look forward to planned work leave, even if they don't go away to some tropical destination, just the few days off and the thought of not having to get up at the crack of dawn, that's a break in its self alone.
The last few days I've had time to shop at a leisurely pace, get the garden ready for growing this years fruit and vegetables, socialising with friends and family and eating in some new and old favourite places.
My week started with sitting back and watching a few film, eating some very tasty flavoured popcorn.


By recommendation I tried a new place to eat in Kingston, Cau. The food and service was great with a hip yet very rustic feel about it and for a change enjoyed the virgin side of drink, all the taste and buzzing flavours on the tongue but with no alcohol.



The garden got some much loved care that it had been lacking over the winter months and some nice bright primroses and pansies helped brighten up the boarders until my spring bulbs come up.


I have had a wonderful week of doing everything at random and not worrying about when I had to be in bed ready for when I had to be awake the next day.