Riddlesdown Park

My reason for moving to London was a job opportunity that came with accommodation in Purley.
All the time that I lived in Purley I had no idea that our home backed onto a wonderful park, that park being Riddlesdown.
I have been looking for places to walk with varied terrain in order to build up the muscle strength to my knee before I attempt to start running again and this park offered so much and yet I had lived near by for over a year and never quite knew the beauty of t his park, until today.
The name Riddlesdown was first recorded in 1331 as Ridelesdoune and is believed to be mediaeval English 'riddeleah' - cleared woodland. It is also believed that the Down was once capped with Beech trees which are common on chalk because of the good drainage provided.
Riddlesdown is of archaeological interest, and in 1962 three graves were found that may have been connected with a Saxon Cemetery that was found at the junction of Riddlesdown Avenue and Mitchley Avenue. Stone Axes have also been found on Riddlesdown and have been dated to new Stone age or the Neolithic.