Family Meal Out

It has been awhile since my mum and sister visited and this time they are seeing the new place, but where to take them out for dinner?
Perfect place, The Star.
I tried something different, a seafood risotto but my mum had the calves liver, success.







The Star Re-Visited

When you find a great restaurant it makes sense to share it and to get an all round opinion of just how good the food really is.
So I took Harrison to try out ‘The Star’ and if the food was really consistently great then we would have to try the menu once more, starters, steaks, my favourite ‘Calves Liver’ and some old fashioned desserts.
Did it stand the test?
Yeah hell it did!







The Star

When I used to go for long walk at Epsom common I would often stumble upon a pub in the middle of nowhere and then one day my best friend at work Ali, asked if I fancied a meal out but she had no idea where to go.  I told her of a pub close to where she lived and suggested that we try this pub out, to my surprise this hidden gem is called ’The Star’.
The Star has a great menu from pub classics, something to share or gourmet burger to it selection of seasonal dishes, steak, ribs, combos and lighter bites. There really is something for everyone.
Oh and not forgetting the puddings and a new feature, it's Gin bar.




Another Year

So did 2017 hold all what you expected or was it just another year? 
As January past us just like February did, we are now in the month of March and we are now having our typical winter weather complete with snow storms and icy winds.
I am looking forward and not looking at the past, my future holds plenty of changes and career aspirations.  I am going to undertake a team leader and first aid course in the next few weeks and put any of last years wasted energy in trying to obtain a few extra skills this year, better myself, better my career and stop wasting time on goals I wanted to reach that I just never could.  Maybe with more experience under my belt in the next few coming months might give me a chance to go for those goals again but as a stronger person.
So this weekend off means it will start with the usual five loads of washing and a little me time just get get myself in a relaxed state. I will then have to start thinking about how I apply myself and why I want to become a team leader. This is just the start as now I need to be thinking where do I want to be in two years and then where do I see myself in five years?  
These are all questions I am going to be asked and in reality something to give me focus, it is not just about a course you have undertaken and past (mind you that looks good on a CV), it is something more than that, it is what it develops you into.
Here we go….2018.