The Big 40

It was only a matter of time for the inevitable to come around and though I had several reservations about having a birthday party, looking back on it now I am so glad I did celebrate it with my close and true friends.
The preparations started a few weeks before hand when I thought it would be a great idea to have my party guests at the end of the meal let off into the sky some colourful Chinese paper lanterns. So I tracked down a supplier and bought 40 of them, one for each year. It was such a nice touch and lightened up the sky, you had to be there to see just how wonderful it was.
Thinking that would not be enough I also wanted to treat my guests to something for them to take home with them and at past parties I had put together party bags a bit like what the kids have but this time round I thought it what a nice treat for everyone to have their own birthday cake rather than just a slice of one and also some gorgeous individual chocolate slabs from Thorntons.


The individual cakes are like nothing you have seen before as I had a selection of both cock cupcakes and muff muffins that came in all shapes, sizes and colours, well the cakes were not but the cocks and muffs were. I attempted to make my gay male friends have the muff muffins, funny how I did not have to persuade the girls to help themselves to the large cocks on the cupcakes.


These cakes were made by The Cake Store in Sydenham where I had got Wayne’s rather rude 40th cake from, both of which were a real talking point.
Oh and do not worry I did have my own slice of cake, I got my very own muff muffin complete with candle.