Size Up

Slowly but surely I have been putting my iMac through its paces and in doing so I am discovering new features each day that are part of the system that just makes life so much easier.
I have discovered that you are not just limited to one desktop but now with as many as you want to create, so in effect you now do not need to have several monitors but just several desktops for all your applications.


I have been running several desktops for my graphic design projects and my photography projects, with each application having its own space to work within.
Seems long gone with the days of needing more than one screen to work with and I do not need a screen solely for application palettes.


So today I made the jump with the grouping all my applications in their respectful genres i.e. news and Internet, journal and diary and so on. Now though I'm with only one screen I'm working on several desktops within Mac OSX.
This made my second monitor redundant so I thought it would be a nice gesture to give it to Ian so that he is no longer looking at a smaller screen at home but instead a swanky 22inch screen.
I was surprised that the installation of just plug and play on a windows machine went without a hitch, I had visions of certain windows drivers not working.
The evening was then finished off with a fab homemade Lasagne with a side of salad and a scrumptious Eaton Mess.