Green Fingers

I cannot begin to describe just how ecstatic I am feeling right now, I am so full of energy too, despite just what both Ian and I have done today.
This morning after a few days of encouragement from Ian, I had decided to grow my own vegetables and herbs out side my bedroom window and today both Ian and myself were going to go down to Woodcote Nurseries to get all what we needed to start growing all things green and edible. After careful consideration another idea had hatched and a better location for growing a whole lot more herbs and vegetables sprouted, sorry for the pun.
The road that goes round to my garage has a nasty shrub area that is just so over grown with weeds, ratty old plants and a general dumping ground for litter, so today both Ian and I tidied it all up in an aim to use this area to plant my new little garden.
It took two trips to the garden centre and about eight hours of labour to finally get all the area clear and the plants in some nice looking pots.
I should have taken a photo of the before and not just the stages but never mind here is the stages from clear to potted.



Ian helped me pot from left to right: Chamomile, Carrots, Borage, Mint, Wild Rocket, Potatoes, Mixed Salad, Coriander, Heartsease, Spring Onions and Radishes.