It Is On eBay

Some people have a spring clean out and others let it build up and though I have in the past collected way more than I should have, it has come to that time that soon I will be moving on and setting up a new life in a new place. So it has meant that some things need to go, I am not packing years of items I will not use in my new place, only to be put back in a cupboard that they came from.
One item I want for my new place is a new fridge freezer as the one I have now is not only thirteen years old but surprisingly I find is not big enough for my needs and so I have listed many of my items on eBay in order to get a few extra pound towards that new fridge freezer.
It has felt like a full-time job in listing items, answering buyers questions and many trips to the post office but all that aside I have made more than enough to buy my new fridge freezer.
Next on the list to save up for is a washing machine, I wonder how much more I need to sell to find funds for that?