An Apple A Day

Undoubtably the best decision I have ever made was ditching the slow non progressive tech world and opting to jump into the fast pace that Apple sets, always being ahead of its competitors on so many levels. I have never looked back since and as a result so many of my friends have followed and also wondered how they ever lived without their Apple products. I have said in the past and I am saying it again, "Apple are the king of interfaces."
With every device that they turn their hands to, for some reason the designs are seamless and the product is made to take out of the box and just use with ease and simplicity.
I think anyone who is into their Apple devices, such as myself soon become akin to only expecting the world around them to be just as stylish a chic and as a result my desktop area reflects that; nice clean cut lines, minimal surroundings and a nice stylish slick look.
Now with an addition to my working desk space, bought for me today by my very lovely Wayne.