#HashTag That

It is all well and good posting items on the internet and for best results to get people talking is to post something on Facebook or Twitter. But did you know that for those of us who want the maximum coverage, then how about posting to Twitter and then putting a hashtag, one of these ‘#’ in front of your buzz word. Hash tagging works by linking other posts with the same buzz words together no matter what other content is in your tweet. In turn this opens your tweets up to the whole wide world and inevitably making tweeting far more social than ever before. Think of it this way, you post to twitter about a night out with the girls or lads and in your tweet is the name of the club you was at, simply putting a hashtag in front of the clubs name then adds you to the list of others who have tweeted about that club.
I have been doing this kind of tweeting for some time now and have meet a few really great people through it and have also got into some great discussions.
You never know where a simple hash tagged tweet will get you.
I have recently discovered that you can link your Twitter and Facebook together so that you only have to post the once to Twitter and then it adds it to your Facebook timeline. This is great for short posts but when adding lots of photos that you would like to group then it is best to do that direct to Facebook.