Loving LoveFilm

I started off with a subscription service of Netflix and after several months of streaming its contents, I was slowly running out of things to interest me, not running out of things to watch, there is plenty to choose from, just finding what’s right for me. So like most of us we look for an alternative and that was when I stumbled on LoveFilm.


LoveFilm offers the same streaming service as Netflix does but you also have the choice to rent films too. This did not interest me to start with but when I got my HDD Blue Ray player, that all changed.
What was I to do, change my subscription service to only have streaming for both services or ditch one and go for LoveFilm and up my package to include rentals?
I cut my losses and ditched Netflix and went for one provider, that being LoveFilm and upped my package to include unlimited two at a time disc rental and the streaming service. Going for the new package I still have saved money, it worked out cheaper to have this service than it did to run both Netflix and LoveFilms streaming service together.
So this is how it all works…You just search or browse the site to choose the films and TV shows you want to watch. Just click the ‘rent' button when you have found something you are interested in. These go on to your rental lists (if you have more than one list, you choose what list you want it to go onto), where you can prioritise which films you want to receive first. LoveFilm then send them to you first class for free, you watch them and send them back in the prepaid envelope, then your next one will come.
LoveFilm works best with playlists, I guess you are wondering what playlists are inside of LoveFilm. Well, this is how it all works. You can have two or more separate lists. You could, for example, have one for comedy movies and one for horrors and thrillers; or one for children; or one for you and one for your partner. So if you have a package that allows for two films and you have two lists then one film from each list can be sent at the same time or if you have package that allows for more discs at home, this means there will always be something for everyone to watch. It is like several checkouts for each list and the best bit I love is prioritising your film list, you choose what you want to be higher up the list and than those guys and girls at LoveFilm pick from your list of whats back in the vast LoveFilm library. You do not get to pick what films they send you but rather what is higher up the pecking order, this is great as you know more often or not that you are getting something in your high priority list but just not sure what one, call it a lucky dip of your top titles. This, I think keeps renting those films interesting, so planning a film night is gets that little twist.
I have noticed that from the time of dispatch at LoveFilm, to them arriving at your door ready to watch is about a three day turn around, in which I am finding is plenty of time to watch one then send it back and by the time you have watched the next one then another arrives at your door. If you have a package with more than one film then I suggest you get all your discs sent at once then only send one back at a time, this way there is a constant flow of films arriving at your door all the time.