Glasses On

Harrison has been suffering from an ear problem that has made doing certain things a little disorientating, so as you can imagine riding coasters was one of the things he could only do every so often, or at least be very selective on what rides he could go on.
I discovered some interesting articles online and watched a few videos about those not being able to focus when on coaster rides and it is a huge problem that could make being disoriented even worse, to the point of being sick. I suffer from really watery eyes and Harrison wears glasses, so more often or not he had to take them off to ride some of the extreme coasters and I just had to suffer from sore eyes, this made not being able to focus a real big issue, so I did a little more research and found out that a lot of people in this predicament wore either sports glasses or ski goggles on rides, this meant you could safely wear your glasses on a ride and reduce the effects of disorientation or even get rid of that feeling.
I looked on Amazon for these type of goggles and found a very highly rated pair of safety goggles so I bought two pairs so that we could see if this would make riding coasters a better experience.

Screenshot 2018-11-07 at 17.07.37

Screenshot 2018-11-07 at 17.08.03

What a difference this made, I can only but highly recommend trying this not just for those like ourselves but also anyone who likes to wear sunglasses or glasses on rides or at least to stop things flying into your eyes, I mean bugs still fly in the summer air they do not detour their flying space just because you are on a coaster. It worked a treat, I did not have watery sore eyes and Harrison could see for the first time riding a coaster and the true experience that he never had, he did not feel disorientated or sick and now riding coasters takes on a whole new satisfying joy.
Since this new way of riding coasters, I have found that these goggles also come in a shaded variation so for those summer theme park days out this could be the perfect solution.
Oh and if you have been worrying about what they look like on-ride photos, fear not because your photos will turn out just fine at least one advantage you will have over others, is that your eyes will be open and the reaction on your face will just be from the ride, not the wind in your face making you squint.