Wardrobe Detox

I have no qualms about going through my wardrobe and giving my unused, do not fit clothes to charity, but on the odd occasion some items are just to good to give to charity and normally at this stage it is a case of do I eBay them or not?
Do I save them incase one day I may just fit right back into them?


It is normally just before the summer and winter that I have a clear out and find out what does actually fit and if I do get rid of those items, I can then refresh my wardrobe with some newer and better fitting clothes, well that is my excuse.
I had several items that I did not want to eBay and for many months now I have also not given them away to charity, I could hardly say that I would even get back into them again either as I had really put on to much weight and the chances of me being a waist size thirty-two again was over optimistic. They also held a sentimental value to them too, so if I was going to get rid of them then I would have to give them to someone who would appreciate some nice clothes, all be it hand me downs.
I could only think of one person who would not only be the right size but also appreciate some nice worn once clothes, that being Anthony.
He came over and tried them all on and only one of the items did not fit, but he walked away with some nice items today and I can be rest assured that they will be well looked after and get the wearing they so deserve.